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How I Work

How I Work

My aim is to offer you a reflective, collaborative & reparative space with which to explore your problems. Your therapy may be short or long term – the length of therapy will depend on the difficulties that you are facing and how long you wish to stay working with me.

I usually offer in-person sessions, i.e. face-to-face in the same room. I find this to be the most helpful and therapeutic way of working with clients as it allows you share your thoughts & feelings in a private, safe and personal space just for you.

However, attending sessions in person may not be possible or appropriate for everyone which is why I offer some on-line sessions too. We can discuss your needs and what is right for you during our initial telephone conversation.

Whether we work in-person or on-line, my approach is an integrative one. This means that I draw on different therapeutic approaches in order to work with your individual needs & as best to support you.

Attachment Theory particularly informs my work. This means that I take a relational and attachment informed way of working with people who come to see me. I recognise that early life bonds & experiences, relationships and the environment that we grow up in define & influence who we are and our current difficulties.

Taking this approach can help uncover the less conscious reasons for why and how you may relate to people or why you feel stuck in your present problems. It can allow old patterns to change and assist in the better management of your thoughts, feelings and responses. Importantly, it encourages change at a much deeper & meaningful level and in a long-lasting way.

Some of our work may also look at how you believe you should be and how this can impact your self-worth & how you relate to yourself internally – the conflict between “what I am” and “what I should”. As you start to accept yourself, you may re-connect with your strengths & start to feel more empowered.

Or, we may consider how your thoughts & feelings are also encouraging unhelpful behaviours and ways of relating to people. Challenging these & developing different ways of thinking will encourage more helpful & healthy behaviour.

I regard our counselling relationship as very important and central to our work together. It is very different to the type of one you will experience with friends, family & colleagues. It is secure, confidential & contained and the focus is on your experience of your problems. I will not give you advice, nor will I judge you or tell you what to do, but instead I will accept all your experiences & feelings as valid and work with you to make sense of them. Together we will work through what you feel is best for you and in doing so you may start to manage your life more affectively.

My aim is to support you in gaining the confidence and capacity to support yourself.

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