How I Work

I hold a Diploma in Integrative Supervision of Individuals and Groups which meets the rigorous supervision training standards as set out by the BACP and work with both qualified and trainee therapists.

I believe in the absolute necessity and benefit of a supportive, consultative and restorative space for you to reflect openly on different aspects of your therapeutic work, one that I also hope will encourage mutual curiosity, playfulness and learning for us both.

As we continue you may have specific supervision requirements and needs that arise, so my aim is also to provide you with an adaptable space to regularly review your caseload as well as your supervision arrangements with me.

My core model is integrative with a psychodynamic relational focus and can support a variety of therapeutic approaches. Attachment theory particularly informs my practice. I pay close attention to what may be revealed within the therapeutic dyad and supervisory space, particularly using psycho-biological understanding of early and on-going attachment experiences as well as trauma informed approaches when working with both clients and supervisees.

I contain our supervisory work with the Hawkins and Shohet Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision.

Individual Supervision

Supervision sessions for qualified and trainee individuals can be either 60 or 90 minutes long.
Individual Supervision for Qualified Practitioners – £50 / £75
Individual Supervision for Trainee Practitioners – £40 / £50

Group Supervision

If you have a supervision group that you would like me to supervise, then I offer this to qualified practitioner groups.

Sessions would be 90 minutes long with a maximum group size of 4 supervisees. Keeping the groups to 4 supervisees is beneficial as you can claim supervision for half the 90 minutes (as per BACP Supervision Guidelines).

Group Supervision for 4 Practitioners – £35 (min. for each supervisee) for the 90 minutes.

If there is an occasion where the group is less than 3, then a minimum of £90 for the whole session is payable between the attending supervisees for that session. As I am holding diary time in good faith, I find that this policy helps to address the balance of risk and commitment.

Supervisor Reports

I may have a role in assessing your work or providing reports for training purposes, professional matters, or employment references.
Should it take more than 30 minutes to prepare any report, then we can agree a fee for me doing this. With the exception of an employment reference, I will always share this report with you.

Payment and Terms

Payments are to be made via bank transfer and to be paid 48 hours prior to the session.

I politely request that you give me at least 48 hours notice if you are unable to attend your session, otherwise I will still charge you the full amount.
I will review my fees annually.